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Chronologische Liste der übersetzten und noch nicht übersetzten Essays / Weiterführende Links

1. Die chronologische Liste (englische Titel) enthält alle übersetzten und noch nicht übersetzten Essays von Fjordman seit März 2006 und wird regelmäßig aktualisiert.

Die bereits übersetzten Essays sind als Links blau markiert im Blog eingestellt; darunter befinden sich alle Übersetzungen Eisvogels (s. ´Kategorien´ auf der Startseite). 

Von grün markierten Essays findet sich Übersetzungen auf Der Grünen Pest (jetzt: Reconquista Europa).

Die roten Links führen zu den noch nicht übersetzten Originalartikeln

Wir bitten, weitere Übersetzungen in den Kommentaren zu dieser Seite anzukündigen.

March 2006    When Danes Pay Danegeld – Dealing with Islam in Scandinavia  The War Against Swedes
April 2006   I’m a Terrorist Groupie, Hear Me Roar!  The Retreat of the Western World Order  The Fall of France and the Multicultural World War  A New Oslo Peace Process?                                                                                                                
May 2006   Another American Century or Another American Civil War?  The New York Times and Sweden: The Dark Side of Paradise  Electing a New People: The Leftist – Islamic Alliance
June 2006   People Worry About Islam, Its Leaders About Islamophobia  Is the Nation State Obsolete?  Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon  Waiting for Churchill or Waiting for Godot?  Political Correctness: The Revenge of Marxism  What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?
July 2006   “Let Them Eat Kebab” — The New Marie Antoinettes  Beheading Nations: The Islamization of Europe’s Cities  Stupidity Without Borders — The Alliance of Utopias  In Praise of the First and Second Amendments  From Citizen to Subject — The Rule of Experts and the Rise of Transnational Anti-Democrats  The Twin Myths of Eurabia  Norwegian Authorities  Still Covering Up Muslim Rapes  Farewell to the United Nations?
August 2006   Superman, Harry Potter and the War Against Jihad The Welfare State is Dead, Long Live the Welfare State First They Came For the Jews: The Story of Yet Another World War  The Failure of Western Universities
September 2006   How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam  Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims  Western Feminism and the Need for Submission  What Future for US – Europe Relations?  What is the Nature of Multiculturalism?  The Church – Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?  The Eurabia Code, Parts I – IV
October 2006   Human Rights Fundamentalism, NGOistan and the Multicultural Industry  Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies – The Cost of Historical Amnesia  Suggestions for Solutions – A Preliminary Draft  Recommendations for the West  From the Land of the Free to North American Union?  Why Muslim Immigration is a Threat to Western Democracy  Caucasophobia — the Accepted Racism  Thou Shalt Hate Christianity and Judaism  Why the European Union Must be Dismantled
November 2006   The Outcome of Two Cultural Revolutions: While China Turns Christian, Europe Turns Muslim  The Background of Multiculturalism  Sweden: Still Crazy After All These Years  Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam  Tear Gas Attack on Stockholm Metro  Europe and Western Europe  Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?
December 2006   How the West Was Lost  The Trouble with Irshad Manji  The Latest Dhimmi News From Norway  Raped in Oslo
January 2007   Sweden: Politicians Call for Foreign Language Ban in Schools  Why I Criticize Irshad Manji  Cat Stevens Awarded EU Peace Prize  Multiculturalism and the Enlightenment  France and the Iranian Revolution Marxism or Decadence? The Cause of Western Weakness  Sweden: The Country that Sacrifices its Children, and Celebrates On Fascism and Islamophobia  The Rise of Glossocracy
February 2007   Eurabia Moves Forward: Italy Launches “Mediterranean Health Partnership”  How Feminism Leads to the Oppression of Women
March 2007   Why Europeans Should Support Israel  Will the Third Rome Fall to Islam?  Muslim Violence — Crime or Jihad?  Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence  The Norwegian Government Surrenders to Muslims  Fatalism and the Loss of Western Cultural Confidence 
April 2007   The Importance of Knowing Your History  Mexification and the Future of the United States  Jihad and the Collapse of the Swedish Model  The Migration Flood  A Christian background for Political Correctness?  The End of the American Dream?  Towards a Totalitarian Europe
May 2007   Al-Guardian Wrong Again: Islam and Science  Conservative Bloggers Fight for Free Speech  What Do We Fight For?  Do we want an Islamic Reformation?  A Communism for the 21st Century  On Bureaucracy, Liberty and the Rule of Law  Why Western Art is Unique, and Why Muslim Immigration Threatens It  The Great Conversation  The Flaws of the Western Man  Random Thoughts from Fjordman  Sharia-Supporters and Transvestites of the World Unite!Destroying Our Culture  What is the Cause of Low Birth Rates?
June 2007   Resisting 21st Century Communism  Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology  Does Global Warming Cause Rape Waves?  Hamas Has a Friend in Sweden  On the Impact of Christianity  A New Balance Between Rome and Jerusalem
July 2007   Muslim Violence  Why the European Union Must Go  A Culture of Lies  France to give nuclear technology to Libya?  The Death of Sweden
August 2007   The EU and the Globalist Alliance  Going Gentle Into That Good Night  European Socialists Take Aim on “Islamophobia”  The West in the 21st Century — Developed or Developing Nations?  Democracy and the Media Bias  Sweden: Collaboration, Then and Now Don’t Give in to Intimidation  How the West Lost the Cold War  Could the Ancient Greeks Have Created the Scientific Revolution?  Christianity, Pros and Cons
September 2007   The EU Wants to Increase Muslim Immigration and Internet Censorship  Norway: The Country of Peace Meets the Religion of Peace  Sweden Learns That Appeasement Doesn’t Pay  Islam, the Greeks and the Scientific Revolution, complete  Mexicans Welcome a North American Union
October 2007   Saudi Arabia Lectures the EU on Human Rights  The Age of White Masochism  Islam, Christian Europe, and the Greek Heritage  The Fatherless Civilization The Roots of Non-Discrimination – Liberalism or Marxism?
November 2007   Little Green Footballs and Racism in the United States  The Truth About “Islamic Science”  My Farewell to Little Green Footballs  Charles Johnson’s Obsession   Review of: Robert Spencer, “Religion of Peace
December 2007   Why We Should Oppose an Independent Kosovo  Our Offensive National Flag  Why Does LGF Lend Credibility to Eurabia Deniers?    Is Ethnicity Irrelevant in the USA?   Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali
January 2008   The Importance of Cicero in Western Thought  Expo and the Islamophobes  The Legacy of Byzantium  Grand Mufti of Syria Threatens Europeans at EU Parliament, EU Media Silent  Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union — A First Draft  Regarding the Detractors of Vlaams Belang  An Open Letter to Expo and the Expressen Newspaper
February 2008   The West, Japan, and Cultural Secondarity  The European Union and the Islamization of Europe  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Infiltration of the West  The Truth About Islam in Europe
March 2008   European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia  Totalitarian Sweden  The Danger of Islamophobia Fjordman Reviews “Fitna”  Boycott the United Nations!
April 2008   Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement  The Funny Side of Islam: Muhammad and the Hadith  Ibn Warraq: Defending the West  Sweden’s Press Ombudsman Wants to Prosecute Bloggers  Socratic Dialogue vs. Islamic Dialogue
May 2008   A History of Cacao and Chocolate  The Birth of the Eurabian Empire  To the Readers of Little Green Footballs  A History of Medicine in the Islamic World – Part 1  The Causes of Anti-Semitism: Preliminary Discussions   European Parliament Bans Opposition  The Death Penalty For Racism?
June 2008   The Execution of Britain  A History of Medicine, Part II  Refuting God’s Crucible  Europe and the Indo-European Languages  The Strategy of Western Survivalists  Is Capitalism Always A Force for Freedom?  The Causes of Anti-Semitism, Part 2   The Greatest Betrayal in History  The Spanish and the Portuguese — Once and Future Dhimmis?
July 2008   Civil War in Sweden?  A Tribute to Italy  Organization of the Islamic Conference and Eurabia
August 2008   France: Can a Wounded Nation Heal Itself?  Council of Europe Fights “Islamophobia”  Why Islam Cannot Be Reformed  On Germany and Muslims  On Science and Religion  On Human Sacrifice and Political Correctness  What Went Wrong With the West, and What Can We Do?  The Failure of Western Feminism
September 2008   Europeans: With Prejudice Against Our Own Ancestors  Eastern Europe and the New Threats to Freedom  Reparations From Muslims?  Islamization and Cowardice in Scandinavia  Democracy not working  Europe for Africans: Is Robert Mugabe a Hero?  Europe’s Decline – Hurrah! We Capitulate!Heeding Locke and Jefferson  Will Holland Survive the 21st Century?  Britain: Arrested over “racially insulting” doll  Did Prehistoric Europeans Invent Wheeled Vehicles?  Suggestions for the Future  Freedom Fighting “Fascists”   What to Do   Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization
October 2008   Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union  The Anti-Racist Witch-Hunts  Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism  Nobel Peace Prize Awarded for Appeasement of Jihad  The Eurabia Code – 2008 Updates  Fjordman Publishing Defeating Eurabia  A History of Medicine, Part 3  Review of: Ali Sina, “Understanding Muhammad  Defeating Eurabia, Part 1    Defeating Eurabia, Part 2  Defeating Eurabia, Part 3  Defeating Eurabia, Part 4  Defeating Eurabia, Part 5  Barack Hussein Obama and the Triumph of Marxism
November 2008   Defeating Eurabia: An Update  Islam, the West and Our “Shared Heritage”  A History of the Indo-European Languages  Stained Glass: A European History  The West and Global Mathematics  A History of Medicine, Part 4  A History of Medicine, Part 5  The History of the Calendar  The Impact of Western Medicine
December 2008      A History of Optics, Part 1  On Deconstructing the Majority: Nothing To Do With Islam? Really?
January 2009   A History of Optics, Part 3  Den Neuen Lebensraum   Western Civilization and Socratic Dialogue
Fjordman reviews Spencer’s Stealth Jihad  Why Was There No Chinese Newton?   A History of Optics, Part 4
February 2009   The Decline of the English-Speaking World   A History of Optics, Part 5
A History of Optics, Part 6
March 2009     Why Asians Didn’t Invent Space Travel  A History of Optics and Modern Science  Alhazen, Kepler and the History of Optics  Islamic Jihad vs. the Western Way of War  Jonathan Lyons, The House of Wisdom : A Review by Fjordman
April 2009   Islam and the Decline of Greek Culture: A Critical Look at John Freely’s Book “Aladdin’s Lamp Mathematics and Religion  The Self-Defeat of the United States  A History of Mechanical Clocks  A Critical Look at The House of Wisdom by Jonathan Lyons  Why We Need Germany  Sweden Tops European Rape League — But Why?
May 2009   Why Muslims Like Hitler, but Not Mozart  Why Christians Accepted Greek Natural Philosophy, But Muslims Did Not  Europeans As Victims of Colonialism
June 2009    Bruce Bawer on “Racism” Accusations  To President Obama: Regarding Islam and Science  Some Mathematical History  Britain: From Parliament to Police State
July 2009   A History of European Music Part I  A History of European Music Part II
A History of European Music Part III 
A History of European Music Part IV  A History of European Music Part V   Europeans as Victims of Islamic Colonialism
August 2009   European Wine — A Draft  Culturally Enriched Homophobia in Oslo   Swedish Hypocrisy Regarding Israel and Muslims  A History of Beer — Part 1  A History of Beer — Part 2  A History of Beer — Part 3
September 2009   A History of Beer — Part 4  A History of Beer — Part 5  A History of Beer — Part 6  Europe and Human Accomplishment   Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World? — Part 1  Race, Immigration, and Rape in Sweden   Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World? — Part 2  What was the First Novel?  Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World? — Part 3    A Brief History of Zero and Indian Numerals  Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World? — Part 4
October 2009   Music and the Rise and Decline of Western Civilization  Thomas Friedman wants democracy in Iraq — but not in the USA?  Why Obama but not Osama?  A History of Algebra  The Cold War Never Ended  A History of Geology and Planetary Science — Part 1
November 2009     IQ and Warfare  Who Won the Cold War?  A History of Geology and Planetary Science — Part 2  Dying Not to Discriminate  The Legend of the Middle Ages  A History of Geology and Planetary Science Part 3  The Coming Crash  Astronomy in Prehistoric Europe   NYT Friedman compares US democracy unfavorably with China   A    History of Geology and Planetary Science – complete 
December 2009     Surviving the Coming Crash   The Ancient Greeks and the Invention of Natural Philosophy  The Cult of Reason – The Dark Side of the Enlightenment   On the Collapsing US Dollar 
January 2010            A History of Mathematical Astronomy, Part 2   A History of Mathematical Astronomy, Part 3   A History of Mathematical Astronomy, Part 4   Foreign Policy Magazine –  Denying Eurabia IQ and Human Accomplishment — The Debate Continues    Toxic Islam – A Food Theory of Culture   The Experimental Method and the Rise of Modern Science  
February 2010           Eppur si muove   Review of: Christopher Caldwell, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe   Did Lactose Tolerance Trigger the Indo-European Expansion?   Fjordman – the first five years             
March 2010   IQ and Nordic Achievement   Yoghurt and the Indo-Europeans   Democracy and Universalism  The Invention of the Violin and of the Spanish Guitar                                                                                                   
April 2010          Honey, Mead and Prehistoric Beer   Review of: Wafa Sultan,  A God Who Hates    Why Israel’s Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too   On Astrobiology   Aristotle and the History of Scientific Logic   The European Union and “Beautiful” Minarets   The Evolution of Homo Sapiens   Minoan Civilization and the Birth of European Art   Superconductivity and Bose-Einstein Condensates   Superstring Theory and Quantum Gravity  The Indo-European Languages: A Summary
May 2010     Can We Coexist with the Left?   A History of Astrophysics – Part 1   A History of Astrophysics – Part 2  A History of Astrophysics – Part 3   How to Destroy a People Through Immigration   A History of Astrophysics – Part 4 
Why I Write about History   The Flaws of Democracy 
June 2010     The Neanderthals and the Evolution of High IQ   Assisted Suicide  French Haute Cuisine and the Birth of the Western Restaurant   Cities and Accomplishment                                                                                                              
July 2010      Who Will Protect Us From NATO?  A History of Astrophysics – Part 5   History of Astrophysics and Cosmology (complete)   Swedish Absurdity                                                                                                                                            
August 201o          On the Illusion of a Moderate Islam                                                                                                                                                                                                          
September 2010            Why Muslims Like Plato   Thilo Sarrazin vs. the Ruling Multicultural Oligarchs   A Few Reasons for Cautious Optimism                                                                                                                           
October 2010           Medieval Muslim Scholars — Their Contributions and Shortcomings                                                                                                                                             
November 2010   Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: Target of Western Shariah    Explaining the Cold Climate Theory for the Evolution of High IQ                                                                                                                                                      
December 2010   Book Review: Byron M. Roth, The Perils of Diversity   Why Islam must be expelled from the West                                                                                                                             
Januar 2011   Mead, Butter, and the Indo-Europeans 
February 2011   Do Western Authorities Care More About Hamsters Than About Europeans?   War and Human Accomplishment    Medieval Myths                                                                  
March 2011   Is There A Genetic Basis For Northern European Drunkenness?  The Curious Civilization   
April 2011     Mohammed and Charlemagne, Revisited  Book Review: The Human Web: A Bird´s-Eye View of World History  On the Background for Easter Eggs 
May 2011    Preparing for Ragnarök   A Brief History of Pasta  Was China superior to Medieval Europe in  the Sciences?                                                                                                            
June 2011   Medieval law and European civilization  The Birth of Capitalism  When Treason Becomes the Norm: Why the Proposition State, not Islam, is our Primary Enemy Human Accomplishment: Art, Music and Literature  Human Accomplishment: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology 
Human Accomplishment: Medicine And Earth Sciences  Human Accomplishment: Medicine And Earth Sciences  The Flaws of Edward Said’s Orientalism 
July 2011     Medieval law and European civilization  
Human Accomplishment: Technology 
Women, and Human Accomplishment  Thoughts on the Recent Atrocities

2. Links: Bisher sind Essays von Fjordman erschienen auf: fjordman, Gates of Vienna, Dhimmi Watch/Jihad WatchThe Brussels Journal, Europe News, Atlas Shrugs, Democracy Reform, Global PoliticianThe International Free Press Society, Winds of Jihad, Vlad Tepes  und Tundra Tabloids.

Die Grüne Pest (jetzt: Reconquista Europa) und EuropeNews veröffentlichen ebenfalls Übersetzungen neu erschienener Essays.

Listen aller bisher erschienenen Essays von F. finden sich hier: The Fjordman Files (Klein Verzet) und The Fjordman Files (

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  1. Fjordman: Thilo Sarrazin gegen die regierenden multikulturellen Oligarchen

    Kommentar von Liz — 9. September 2010 @ 20:57

  2. […] beeinflußt gewesen (deren wohl bedeutendster „Star“ ein Norweger, der brillante Blogger Fjordman ist). Besonders der Spiegel hat in Windeseile eine Haß-Ikone gezimmert, in der kein Klischee […]

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