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24. November 2015

The Minimal Consent (White Man Edition)

This is the second part of a trilogy for our English- speaking comrades. We would like to share how we Germans feel about the actual crisis.

The articles are meant to transport our message of despair and hope in the darkest hour of Germany and Europe to all our White brothers and sisters in the world

(Für die Deutschsprachigen): Dies ist Teil zwei einer Trilogie englischer Texte für unsere englischsprechenden Kameraden im Ausland. Bitte verbreitet sie, wo immer möglich, unter nichtdeutschen Mitstreitern (auch das nicht anglophone Ausland spricht ja meist Englisch als Fremdsprache).

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The minimal consent (White Man edition)

(in the German original I state everything here said about Whites just for Germans, but I think we can expand that to our whole race!)

Put two white men in a room and you will get three opinions. Put seven white men in a room and they will found a club. Twelve white men will build thirty commodity teams that actually will not happen because everyone is busy sitting in the governing board.

I love my people and I love my race as it is! With all strengths and all alleged weaknesses that can crystallize as strengths and the other way around.

Even if I often despair nowadays watching my race, I love it. Because I just have that one.

Everyone thinking he could or had to educate the White Race to the better through „thinning“ and multiculturalism is not on my side!

Who has lost all faith in our race, I just pity.

Everywhere on the internet we find many who want the same or very similar things, but fight each other to the (virtual) bone, because they cannot agree about the colour of shit.

There are truly some Whites who are not on our side, who do not fight with us, who we should consider as enemies. These are the traitors who belief the White Race has no right to live. Who are happy about every single alien coming to our countries – not to socialize with them, but because they recognize them as displacement of the „Old White.“

Every other White, no matter if leftist or right-wing, liberal or conservative, counterjihady or atheistic, Christian or pagan, no matter from which white country – they are not our enemies!

There is a shocking tendency of dissociating from everyone who is called a „Nazi“ in the „Lügenpresse“ (the new German word for the lying mass media). It does not matter if those people really hold national socialistic ideas or not – because that is not what the denigration is about.

A „Nazi“, „racist“, an „anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist“, a „right-wing extremist“ for the Lügenpresse is just a white man who says:

I, as a white man, want to live with other whites of my own kind. My people and our traditions, my own children and the ones of my friends and colleagues – this is my group! It feels normal and right that we should dwell among ourselves in our own land in unity and freedom. And I hold members of other groups not as my kind!“

Everyone who says that is a racist Nazi pig spawn and will be hanged by the Lügenpresse, will be ostracized and ruined.

People who say about themselves „we are just residents, no Nazis!“ still not have understood that they are all together fucking Nazipigdogs – because they want their houses for themselves, because they do not want to be robbed on the way home from work, because they just want to LIVE.

He who opposes the Genocide on of the White Race is an anti-Semitic racist, an unperson who wants to gas everyone whose nose he does not like.

He who opposes to be bereft of his hard acquired wealth, his freedom by traitorous fat cats in co-work with wild hordes from Islamistan, is a right-wing extremist and a conspiracy theorist!

The White who wants to live, who wants his children to grow up in peace and liberty, is a Mega- Nazi!



I know, everyone has his mental „no go areas“, and I can respect that. Leftists do not want to be right-wing, atheists not believers, Christians not infidels, Catholics not protestants and the other way around. Even right-wing intellectuals do not want to be right-wing extremists, many detest a general rejection of foreigners as xenophobia or are opposed to anti-Semitism, racial thoughts, national socialistic ideas. Many right-wing people on the other hand loath the Leftists and their theories or the violent Leftist „activists.“

This is perfectly okay for everyone on his own but looking in behalf of the greater scheme of events it is a problem, too, because just these ideological fights make it easy for the enemy to split us up and rule over us, as the proverb says: “divide et impera”!

In the year 2015 a blind man with a stick can see that the White Race faces the greatest threat of all times (and, for the worse, by the majority is sticking the head in the sand). I  this context these inner fights seem very petty-minded to me.

As soon as I know that the person in front of me is no foe, no one who denies my right and the right of my Race to live, he is, in fact, my friend and ally!

You should handle this the same, no matter if you are liberal, libertarian, libertarianistic, conservative, left-liberal, right-liberal, basic-democratic, anarchistic, left- or right- wing extremists – or whatever, no matter which religion you feel connected to and which religion(s) you refuse.

Only if we find back our UNITY, we can help ourselves to our RIGHT and this right is called FREEDOM!

Freedom does NOT mean that the wife wears not burka, but bikini while the husband is playing SM-games with the secretary (female or male) and the kids consider which of the fifty genders that one can choose on Facebook they should mark. That is the animalistic „freedom“ of the „West“, the Orwellian freedom (and thus, slavery).

Freedom means that a people is actually acting out the political sovereignty over its own national territory. Let us put „conspiracy theories“ about a certain other people and its influence in the West aside:

Do the White peoples have political sovereignty over their national territories?

If that was true, then there would not be thousands of human beings crossing our borders every day, beings stating things like „in Germany you get a house, a salary and an academic career!“ or „every day here is disco and everyone is drunk, I thought!“, thousands of human beings that do not speak our languages, not know how to behave in our countries, human beings with a foreign religion and a foreign cultural background, often aggressive and demanding, introducing terrible and deadly afflictions and being even a danger for the survival of our people if they were all specialized experts (then perhaps even more!)

And I do not need any discussion about me having to understand why they come. I am totally aware of that! If I was a cowardly, spineless soldier of fortune and even dumb enough to believe that I would be paid hundreds of thousands for doing nothing in Uruguay and that all the Uruguayan women want to couple with me, hell, I would want to go to Uruguay, too!

Where did all the Germans go 1945 after war, death and expulsion? Oh, right, they STAYED and built up their destroyed country on their own (and there were – for the record – no Turks involved, the Turks came not earlier than the Sixties to Germany).

I do not hear them calling out to the Chinese to take millions of Europeans or to the Aborigines to take Thousands of not-Aborigines into their tribes, and even Israel makes no step to go into the „multicultural modus“ they just prescribed Europe.

Everyone stepping over the Saudi-Arabian border without Saudi-Arabian permission, will vanish. Forever!

Only seventy years of total brainwashing can explain that some upright White men still are more frightened that someone calls out the „Fourth Reich“ than by an invasion of millions of freeloading, disease-ridden young men with no prospects, by IS- terrorism and by the statement of our „elites“ that Europeans are people of second class.

(It is, by the way, very hard and in some cases impossible to get European (meaning WHITE) refugees (for example from the Ukraine) into Western Europe and especially into Germany. But if we should „help“, why don´t we care about other Whites fleeing from war and persecution – and why the rich Muslim oil-states don´t care about the persecuted Muslims, about the members of their community, of the „ummah“?)

It is all a play with perfect choreography, with actors that say one thing („multiculturalism has failed!“ / „We will close the borders!“) and do the opposite (letting millions of foreigners into the country / order the border patrol to let thousands a day through).

What is to be done?

No political party, no demonstration, no act of resistance will bring the solution. That does not mean that you should not vote for a right-wing party, if possible, or even become a member. That does not mean that you should not join „Pegida“ in Dresden or similar demonstrations in your neighborhood, this does not mean that you should not do everything in your power to fight this madness! You just should not hope that all of that will bring you to success and someone else will solve our problems.

If you want to survive, than first you have to learn to survive as an individual and you can improve your chances with prepping (from storing food to training self-defence) and you can promote these measures in your own circles. You have to understand that they want us all dead, they try to EXTINCT us and no political party, no talk show discussion and no nicely written article will change anything about those plans!

Then you have to learn to survive as a community, as a people, so you should not spit on your neighbors because they are blind, but in the best case you do the prepping for them, too, and when the crisis is there you have to help them, counsel them and show them that we can overcome all this when we just keep together!

You have to learn that even the best integrated, studied and mostly intelligent „Kopftuchmädel“ (girl with Muslim headscarf) and the Aramaic guy who lives has been living here for three generations can be – in a best case scenario – your allies, when there is temporally a match of interests, but never your brother in arms (even when you are personal friends). You must learn that in case of emergency it will not be important anymore which ideas, ideologies or religions one is a part of, but just if he is „one of us.“ We are not the dinosaurs who excavated the buried archaic conceit of the tribe – they forced us to it! If there were just a few hundred thousand foreigners in the White Countries who studied, worked and did their business here, everything would be FINE.

But there are EIGHT million Turks in Germany alone (and SEVEN million foreigners of other heritage), FIFTY MILLION Muslims in Europe – and these are the numbers from 2014, before the great wave of „refugees!!!“

The traitors say it openly: „Our countries will change strongly!“; we stand before „great challenges“; it will not be „without problems.“

What they really mean is: You´re out, they´re in!

And everyone who says now: „But Josef, my Aramaic friend is such a nice person!“ has understood nothing. No one denies that! But Josef will still be so very nice when he lives where his ancestors grew up – and Josef even could live among us without problems, when there were not millions of other „Josefs“ (and especially „Mohameds“) in our countries! But to justify the invasion of ever more and more foreign human beings with „Josef“ means:


All Whites who do not understand that should please search for another country that allows countless Whites a free house, salary and academic education and cares for them all day. What, there is no such country? Well, shit happens!


20. November 2015

Germany is going down

This is the first part of a trilogy for our English- speaking comrades. We would like to share how we Germans feel about the actual crisis.

The articles are meant to transport our message of despair and hope in the darkest hour of Germany and Europe to all our White brothers and sisters in the world

(Für die Deutschsprachigen): Dies ist Teil eins einer Trilogie englischer Texte für unsere englischsprechenden Kameraden im Ausland. Bitte verbreitet sie, wo immer möglich, unter nichtdeutschen Mitstreitern (auch das nicht anglophone Ausland spricht ja meist Englisch als Fremdsprache).

Germany is going down!


Greetings from the land of sugar and rainbows! Here we all are linked together now in our will to help people who suffered and our thankfulness toward our grand chancellor.

Or so they would like to have it!

The German people is suffering a terrible fate! Thousands and thousands of „refugees“ (invaders!) are coming to us everyday, because our chancellor said that we would and could care for all of them.

And they are just the vanguard! Millions more are on their way.

It all happens exactly as Raspail did forecast it in „The Camp of the Saints“; we are just overrun.

In most of the bigger cities one will not notice anything different. Life is going on as before, people go to work, there is no shortage of supply, and if one is lucky enough not to have one of the „refugee-camps“ right before his eyes, he will have no „real life“ clue that something is different than before.

Our mass media act in a perfectly evil „double bind“ process: They do not keep silent about violence in the camps, about the storm at our borders and they openly discuss to activate the Bundeswehr (German Army) and even to obligate every German who is in his 18th year to help in the camps (which is very ironic since they just suspended the obligatory military service).

On the other hand people who speak against the refugees with exactly the same reasons given by the mass media, are accused to be „Nazis“ and „racists.”

They even discuss to obligate the Germans to let refugees live in their houses (for now in not inhabited ones, but give them time) and there are quite many „Gutmenschen“ (do-gooders) who do this voluntarily.

Since five years „As der Schwerter“ has been warning about a general crisis through mass immigration, but even we were abashed and utterly surprised in this summer of 2015 when they switched from a mass immigration that was already very high (one million in a year) to their deadly „open all borders“ politics.

Our chancellor told Netanyahu at a meeting: „this will be the last I can do for you!“ Until summer we wondered, what she could have meant.

The invasion is well organized, Soros and friends are telling the people in the Middle East and Africa, that they will get a house, a salary and access to university (all at once!) in Germany and Merkel perpetuates the message „come all!“ She for herself has more than one villa in Paraguay.

Sadly our military and police forces are doing nothing so far, but to administer this shit, they have been saying since weeks that they are on th point of overload, but they seem to have no idea how they could change the situation (well, I would have, being in their position…).

From the outside it must be a really big question why the German people „do nothing“ against it, but this is not true. There are thousands of people on the streets to demonstrate, and mostly everyone else is angry and shocked by the situation, but there really is nothing much that oneself can do (except not helping organizing the invasion).

It is not easy to predict if there will be one big crisis, a civil war (not only the invaders against the Germans, but partly and mostly the normal Germans against the do-gooders and the traitors) or if they will just flood our land with mud until we are diminished to some dinosaurs in their reservations. However it goes, our struggle will be hard, painful and there will be a lot of corpses.

This is the end of the Federal Republic of Germany, and I am not unhappy that the system has failed, I just mourn for our children and their coming suffering.

What is it to you, our friends in other countries?

Well, I am sure that when Germany falls, every other white country will follow. There will be no escape for whites, no safe haven, nowhere. The other European countries also have to struggle with the madness of mass immigration; Germany just takes the biggest part of the invaders. But Sweden, for example, being the smaller land, is now beyond all limits.

Even the US will suffer the same fate as Europe. On the one hand Obama has already welcomed some ten thousands of Syrian „refuges“, on the other hand you have to deal with your own invasion from the South. And lastly, who do you think will be send to Europe when our continent burns, to „help“ us (id est to shoot everyone who is willing to resist the invaders)?

What can you do?

Sadly, you cannot do much, like ourselves. We, the ones who see and understand, are a marginal part of our societies. Like us, you can provide for the great crisis, in the US you even are permitted to have guns (in Europe, especially in Germany, normal people are not allowed to own guns). And you should never forget and tell everyone of your own who still cannot see this that this is the time where all Whites have the obligation to stand together. Everywhere in the world the White Race is facing extinction. We cannot let this happen!

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!


Massive immigration is genocide

What is at stake?

13. Mai 2013

What is at stake

Tobias Richter colony

By Deep Roots (German original here: Was auf dem Spiel steht)

„Maybe this is the disease of our days in the first place: Not to know that we are not alone, but just a link in a chain that reaches not only far into the past, but likewise into the future.“
Reader Lepanto1 in her comment quoted in my post Zum Jahreswechsel: Was die Pummerin uns sagt.

Inspired by Trainspotter’s Taming the Elites I have written this post to illustrate what outrageous, unimaginably far-reaching consequences the treason of our elites will have in case of their success. It’s by far not merely about our own future, or that of our children or their children; it is much, much more than that which is at stake. To explain this, I have to go far afield.

According to our current knowledge the Cro-Magnons, the first European branch of Homo sapiens, appeared in Europe about 45,000 years ago. They must have been evolving somewhere else for quite a while in similar geographic and genetic isolation as Homo neanderthalensis, as they were then at least as evolved as the Neanderthals who had been there for about 170,000 years. The oldest fossils of modern Homo sapiens, about 195,000 years old, have been found in Omo Kibish in Ethiopia (German edition of National Geographic, March 2006: „Der lange Marsch um die Erde“ [„The long march around the earth“]). According to this map from „bild der wissenschaft“ 5-2012 („Denisova-Mensch: Ein Phantom tritt aus dem Schatten“ [„Denisova hominin: A phantom emerges from the shadows“], caption from the original article) anatomically modern humans began to spread into southern, central and northern Africa as well as into the Middle East at least since 110,000 years ago:

Emigration waves out of Africa

At least since 110,000 years ago anatomically modern humans expanded from East Africa (1) to the Arabian Peninsula and into the Middle East. About 50,000 years ago a population of modern humans mixed with the archaic Neanderthals (2). From this group several migration waves originated, the first along the southern coast of Asia (3). Presumably on the islands of Southeast Asia the Moderns met with archaic Denisova hominins – at least two hybridizations with them are verified (4). Bearers of Neanderthal-plus-Denisova DNA arrived in New Guinea and Australia 45,000 years ago (5).

According to the article „Die ersten Araber“ („The first Arabs“) in „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ of April 2011 (from which the following map and caption are taken) Homo sapiens had crossed Arabia as early as 125,000 years ago and reached the Strait of Hormuz. („Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ is the German edition of „Scientific American“.) The findings from Qafzeh are also mentioned in „Der lange Marsch um die Erde“, where an age of 100,000 years is given for them; there it reads: „But this group never got farther and died out 90,000 years ago.“

New routes out of Africa

According to latest archaeological findings Homo sapiens might have crossed the Bab-el-Mandeb early on, populated Southern Arabia and spread from there further into Asia (purple arrows). Thus they would have appeared in Jebel Faya 125,000 years ago. According to a scenario that has been discussed already before modern Man wandered on a northern route across the Suez area into the Levant – either coming from East Africa (green arrow) or from the Sahara (solid red arrow). His fossils were found in the caves of Es Skul and Qafzeh in Israel. In humid climate phases these human groups would have found enough waters in Arabia to settle this area too (dotted red arrows).

Now we are descended either from that branch of Northeast African Homo sapiens which spread across the Levant into Asia Minor and from there around the Black Sea to Europe, or maybe from the one that wandered, as shown on the first map, westward along the southern coast of the Mediterranean and eventually reached the northern slope of the Atlas Mountains. This was, as shown on the following map from „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ 12-2010 („Als der Mensch fast ausstarb“ / „When Man almost died out“) a green region even in this age. There, separated from the Proto-Negroids in the South by the desert and from the Neanderthals in the North by the Mediterranean, our ancestors might have evolved in genetic isolation to become the Cro-Magnons who later invaded Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar, which was even narrower during the Ice Age, to displace the Neanderthals.

Old World during Riss glaciation

From „Spektrum der Wissenschaft“ 12-2010 „Als der Mensch fast ausstarb“ / „When Man almost died out“; caption: SAVED NEAR THE SEA. Earth fell into an Ice Age 195,000 to 123,000 years ago, during which time wide parts of Africa became inhospitable for humans. Only few regions could have provided Homo sapiens with enough food, for he needed grass- and scrubland. Excellent conditions were offered by the South African coast with its nutritious plants and plenty of seafood.

But maybe both is true: maybe the Proto-Indo-Europeans are derived from the eastern branch that moved through the Middle East and around the Black Sea, while the ancestors of the neolithic Europeans (e.g. „Ötzi“) came across Gibraltar, later to be overlaid and absorbed by the Indo-Europeans. Maybe also there were several such superimpositions of Eastern and Western Europeans during the many thousand years of their unrecorded history in Europe.

Anyway we have seen that it has been a long way that has led to us Whites of today: Homo sapiens has existed for at least 200,000 years, and that branch from which we are descended split off at least 130,000 years ago. One can assume that people similar to us have been there for at least 50,000, maybe even 100,000 years. And provided that no killer asteroid strikes and no super volcanos render Earth uninhabitable – and that our cosmopolitan enemies and our traitorous elites who collaborate with them do not succeed in wiping us out – nothing speaks against our distant descendants being still there in another 100,000 years.

Descendants of people like these farmers from South Tyrol:

When a landscape has people like these in it

…or like this child on the „Wälderbähnle“ (a nostalgic steam train) in the Bregenzerwald, Austria…

On the Wälderbähnle

…or like this girl on Heimaey, Iceland…

Icelandic girl with puffin on Heimaey

…or like these prominent and not-so-prominent ladies from America, Austria, Canada, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Serbia and Slovenia:


6. April 2013

Angela Merkel is not Germany – The €uro is an instrument to enslave all Europe


by Sternbald

The so called €uro crisis has been planned; the foreseeable consequences of the monetary union were well known to the responsible politicians. Top politicians in all countries are lying to their people and cooperating with high finance. Similar to the two world wars, the Germans have been chosen as a scapegoat. We would like the world to know: Angela Merkel is not Germany but a traitor to our nation and all of Europe. The following article will give you the necessary information to understand the mechanisms of the €uro fraud.


Read it, forward it, tell it to everybody!


Prehistory and origins of the EU and the €uro

Without the Second World War, a monetary union in Europe would not have been possible. The defeat of France (in 1940), Italy (in 1943), and Germany (in 1945) and the hegemony of the USA over Europe were necessary to overcome the resistance autonomous nations would have opposed to such a project. (The fact that countries with a rest of political autonomy such as GB, Switzerland, and Norway did not introduce the €uro confirms this.)

The German nation lost its autonomy completely and has never been able to recover it. The socialist Carlo Schmidt, one of the experts in international law that were asked to elaborate the German ‘basic law’ (‘Grundgesetz’ – the FRG does not have a real constitution) under American supervision said about the new American client state Federal Republic of Germany:

This organization as a state-like entity, of course, can go very far. However, it will always be different from a democratically legitimated state because the self-organization in the face of not existing liberty depends on the acceptance of a superior foreign power as the legitimate ruler; it thus is noting more than the organized form of a modality of foreign domination.

When the USA started the European Recovery Program in 1947 (also known as Marshall Plan), they obliged the participating nations to accept an accompanying strategic plan. The loans were spend in a way that stimulated the American economy. Germany was forced to receive $ US 1.4 billion (6.4 billion Deutsche Mark, ca. 1/10 of the integral sum) from 1949 to 1952 and had to pay back 13 billion Deutsche Mark from 1953 to 1962. The ERP set the base for a common European policy and the respective institutions.


18. September 2012

Masseneinwanderung ist Genozid – Massive immigration is genocide – Inmigración masiva es genocidio

By Ace of Swords, Germany (scroll down for versions in English and Spanish)


Nichts ist so verpönt wie „Ausländerfeindlichkeit“. Nur böse Menschen voller Hass im Herzen haben etwas gegen Ausländer. Nicht wahr?

Aber tief drinnen haben auch Sie sich schon einmal gefragt: Was wollen die eigentlich hier? Das sind doch alles keine Asylanten! Richtig! Die meisten sind nur hier, weil hier etwas zu holen ist, zum Beispiel Sozialhilfe. Oder Geld von wohlhabenden Europäern, denen man gefälschte Waren andreht. Damit lebt man besser, als wenn man in Afrika oder Anatolien den ganzen Tag arbeitet. Und man lebt in einem Land, wo die Dinge noch funktionieren und man medizinische Versorgung erhält.

Alltag in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Wirklich pervers ist, dass wir uns dabei noch von ihnen beschimpfen lassen müssen – wenn es nicht gar zu Schlimmerem kommt wie Raub, Vergewaltigung und Totschlag. Und in dem Maß, wie ihre Zahl zunimmt, werden sie ihre Gewaltbereitschaft auch immer hemmungsloser ausleben.

Die europäischen Politiker unterstützen diese Entwicklung und reden uns ein, dass es unsere moralische Pflicht ist, unsere Heimatländer zum idealen Einwanderungsland zu machen: wegen der „Menschenrechte“ und „unserer geschichtlichen Verantwortung“. In Deutschland ist es der „Holocaust“, in Frankreich und England die Kolonialzeit, in den USA die Sklaverei etc. Aber haben Sie Juden umgebracht oder mit Sklaven gehandelt? Waren Sie Kolonialherr? Und was ist z. B. mit Norwegen, das seine Unabhängigkeit erst an der Wende zum 20. Jahrhundert erhielt und da noch ein armes Land war?

Und was ist der wahre Grund für die Masseneinwanderung? Die internationale Hochfinanz und ihre Handlanger, die Politiker, wollen die europäischen Kulturnationen durch eine durchmischte und identitätslose „Bevölkerung“ ersetzen, um ein perfektes Ausbeutungssystem zu errichten: die „Neue Weltordnung“.

Politik und Hochfinanz arbeiten Hand ind Hand.

Wir werden zu Gefangenen in unseren eigenen Ländern werden. Zu Opfern unserer „Humanität“, unserer falsch verstandenen Toleranz gegenüber der Intoleranz. Und am Ende werden wir ganz verschwinden, wenn es so weiter geht.

Durch ihre schiere Anzahl werden die Fremden unsere europäischen Gesellschaften kaputt machen. Allein im Jahr 2011 kamen EINE MILLION MENSCHEN nach Deutschland, hauptsächlich aus der „Dritten Welt“. In Athen leben über ZWEI MILLIONEN illegale Einwanderer. Der häufigste Vorname männlicher Neugeborener in nahezu allen europäischen Großstädten ist Mohammed. Wenn es so weitergeht, werden im Jahre 2040 etwa genauso viele Ausländer wie Einheimische in den europäischen Ländern leben.

Europas Zukunft?

Wer Leute aus der Dritten Welt importiert, holt sich die Dritte Welt ins Haus. Dreck, Bildungsferne, Kriminalität und für uns längst überwundene Lebensweisen dringen in unser Leben, und wir selbst sollen Verhaltensvorschriften fremder und archaischer Religionen beachten. Heute soll es kein Schweinefleisch mehr in Schulkantinen geben, morgen wird dann die Scharia eingeführt. WIR sollen die Gewohnheiten der Einwanderer nicht nur „aushalten“, wir sollen uns nach deren Regeln richten.  Wenn Sie aber nach Saudi-Arabien fahren, dann muss sich Ihre Frau dort verschleiern, niemand wird sich nach Ihnen richten.

Europa wird gerade in ein Kalifat verwandelt.

Es geht hier NICHT um blinden Rassismus. Es geht hier NICHT um Ausländerhass. Nein, es geht hier darum, dass durch Masseneinwanderung UNSERE HEIMAT zerstört wird – und WIR ALS VÖLKER.

Jüngst hat der deutsche Bundestag den Einsatz der Bundeswehr im Innern abgesegnet, im Falle „katastrophischer Zustände.“ Nach EU-Recht dürfen „Aufständische“ erschossen werden. Diese Maßnahmen werden nicht etwa ergriffen, weil die Politiker Angst vor den Millionen von Ausländern in unseren Ländern haben, sondern für den Fall, dass wir uns gegen die Verdrängung durch fremde Völker wehren.

Denn genau das passiert: Wir werden verdrängt, ja wir sollen ersetzt werden. Deutsche Politiker sprechen offen von der „Verdünnung des deutschen Volkes“ und davon, dass „Europa mehr Vielfalt braucht“. Sarkozy hat die Franzosen zu mehr Rassenvermischung ermahnt, weil sie sonst „Schwierigkeiten bekämen“.

Sie sind nicht verrückt, wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, überall sind nur noch Ausländer. Sie sind nicht hasserfüllt, wenn Sie bemerken, dass viele Ausländer sich nicht an unsere Regeln halten. Und Sie sind kein Rassist, wenn Sie wollen, dass die Ausländer wieder in ihre eigenen Länder zurückgehen.

“Die Türkei den Türken” – und Deutschland ebenfalls den Türken?

Das Motto der größten türkischen Zeitung „hürryiet“ ist “Türkiye türklerindir”, was „Die Türkei den Türken“ bedeutet. Die Türkei den Türken? Jawohl! Aber allen! Auch denen, die hier sind! Schwupp, nach Hause mit euch! Und Sozialhilfe für Türken auch nur aus der Türkei!

* * * * *

Nothing is more proscribed than “xenophobia”. It’s only villains with their hearts full of hatred, who dislike immigrants? Isn’t it?

But  you, too, have wondered now and then:  What are they doing here? After all, they aren’t asylum seekers all of them! Correct! Most of them are here for only one reason: there is something to get, social welfare for example. Or money from wealthy Europeans, by peddling  fake goods to them. That’s a more comfortable life than working all day in Africa or Anatolia. And they are in a country where everything still is running well and medical treatment available.

Really perverse is that we are forced to accept being bad-mouthed by them – if not even worse things, such as mugging, rape and homicide. And as their number is increasing, they become more and more prone to violence.

European politicians support this development and talk us into believing it is our moral duty to turn our homelands into ideal immigration countries; because of “human rights” and “our historical responsibility”. In Germany it is about the “Holocaust”, in France and England about “colonialism”, and in the USA about slavery, etc. But have you killed Jews or traded slaves? Have you been a colonial master? And what about Norway for example, which became independent not before the beginning of the 20th century and had been a poor country then?

And what is the true reason for mass immigration? International high finance and their henchmen, the politicians, want to replace the European cultural nations by a racially mixed “population” without identity in order to establish a perfect exploitation system: the “New World Order”.

We will become prisoners in our own countries. Victims of our “humaneness” and our wrong concept of tolerance towards intolerance.

By their sheer number the aliens will destroy our societies. Alone in 2011 ONE MILLION PEOPLE came to Germany, mainly from the “Third World”. More than  TWO MILLION illegal immigrants live in Athens. The most common first name given to newborn boys is Mohammed in almost all major European cities. This going on will lead to as many aliens as natives in European countries in 2040.

He who imports people from the Third World, brings the Third World into his home. Filth, poor education, crime, and lifestyles we had overcome long ago enter our daily lives and we ourselves are to respect alien and archaic religious behavior rules. Today it is no more pork in school cafeterias, tomorrow sharia will be implemented. We are not only to “tolerate” the immigrants’ habits, we are to observe their rules. But if you travel to Saudi Arabia, your wife has to wear the veil, nobody will comply with your desires.

It is NOT about blind racism. It is NOT about hatred towards foreigners. No, it is about OUR HOMELANDS being destroyed – and we AS PEOPLES, too.

Only recently, the German parliament has passed a law which allows domestic military deployment in case of “catastrophic conditions”. According to EU law insurgents can be shot. These measures are not taken because politicians fear the millions of immigrants in our countries but in case we object to our displacement by alien peoples.

That is exactly what is happening: We are displaced, we are to be replaced. German politicians openly talk about the “dilution of the German people” and that “Europe needs more diversity”. Sarkozy urged the French to more race-mixing, lest they would “get into trouble.”

You are not insane, if you feel there are only immigrants everywhere. You are not hate-filled if you notice that many immigrants do not conform to our rules. And you are not racist if you want the immigrants to go back to their own countries.

The slogan of the major Turkish newspaper “Hürryet” ist “Türkiye türklerindir”, which means “Turkey for the Turks”. Turkey for the Turks? Yes! But for all of them! Including those who are here. Shoo, home you go! And social welfare for Turks only in Turkey!


Nada peor que la “xenofobia”. Solamente personas malas, llenas de odio perciben la presencia masiva de inmigrantes en su país como un problema. ¿No?

Pero dentro de usted, ya ha surgido la pregunta: ¿Qué quieren todos ellos aquí? ¿No son todos casos de persecución política o religiosa? ¡Verdad! La mayoría de ellos está aquí por ciertas ventajas, porque hay algo gratis como la ayuda social o sencillamente por la civilización avanzada que nuestros antepasados han desarrollado. Muchos quieren el dinero de los europeos que les compran sus copias ilegales de productos de marca. En cualquier caso viven mejor así que trabajando todo el día en África o Anatolia – y viven en un país que funciona, con un sistema de salud y todo.

Les gustan las ventajas de nuestros países, pero no les gusta nuestra cultura y religión. Con los inmigrantes también llega el “tercer mundo”: la basura, la ignorancia, la violencia y el crimen. Comportamientos e ideas que nosotros superamos hace mucho tiempo o que desde siempre rechazamos penetran nuestra sociedad y se exige que nosotros “respetemos” las reglas de religiones arcaicas. Hoy ya no se puede ofrecer carne de cerdo en comederos públicos, mañana se introducirá la Sharía. NOSOTROS no solamente debemos tolerar las costumbres de los inmigrantes, debemos seguirlas. Pero si usted viaja a Arabia Saudita, su esposa tiene que portar el velo, nadie preguntará por su cultura y religión.

Pero es más: tenemos que aguantar que nos insulten si no doblamos la cerviz – y aumentan los robos, las violaciones y los homicidios. Con la llegada de más inmigrantes disminuyen sus escrúpulos y aumenta la violencia en nuestra vida cotidiana.

Los políticos europeos promueven la inmigración masiva y nos hacen creer que es nuestra obligación moral convertir nuestra patria en el lugar perfecto para los inmigrantes: por los “derechos humanos” y por nuestra “responsabilidad histórica”. En Alemania es el “holocausto”, en España y otros países la época colonial, en EEUU la esclavitud, etc. ¿Pero ha usted asesinado judíos, ha sido colonizador o esclavista? ¿Y qué pasa con países como Noruega que adquirió su independencia solamente poco antes del siglo XX, siendo en este tiempo todavía un país pobre?

¿Y cual es la razón de la inmigración masiva? Las altas finanzas internacionales y sus cómplices, los políticos, quieren sustituir las naciones y culturas de Europa con una población mestiza sin identidad y fácilmente gobernable para construir el sistema de explotación perfecto: el “Nuevo Orden Mundial”.

Vamos a ser prisioneros en nuestros propios países: víctimas de nuestro “humanismo”, de una tolerancia absurda frente a la intolerancia de los intrusos. Y algún día habremos desaparecidos del todo.

Meramente por su número, los forasteros van a destruir nuestras sociedades europeas. Solamente en 2011, UN MILLION DE PERSONAS inmigró a Alemania. En Atenas viven DOS MILLIONES de inmigrantes ilegales. El nombre más frecuente entre los recién nacidos en todas las metrópolis europeas es Muamad. Si esto no se para, vivirán tantos inmigrantes en los países europeos como autóctonos en 2040.

No se trata de racismo, no se trata de xenofobia. Se trata del hecho que la inmigración masiva está destruyendo NUESTRA PATRIA – y a NOSTROS COMO PUEBLOS.

El derecho de la UE (Tratado de Lisboa) permite fusilar a los “sediciosos” en el caso de rebeliones o insurrecciones. Esta medida no se ha incluido por el miedo de los políticos a los inmigrantes sino para combatir a nosotros en el caso de que nos defendemos de nuestra  sustitución por los millones de inmigrantes, los “nuevos europeos”.

Es lo que está pasando: nos quieren expulsar y sustituir. Los políticos lo declaran abiertamente: el ex ministro de asuntos exteriores Joschka Fischer habla de la necesidad de “diluir” el pueblo alemán; Sarkozy amonestó a los franceses que se mezclaran con los inmigrantes y amenazó que la resistencia al mestizaje metería a los franceses en “apuros”.

Usted no está loco si le parece que hoy en día hay forasteros por todas partes. No es odio irracional si usted se da cuenta que muchos inmigrantes no respetan nuestras reglas. Usted no es racista por querer que los inmigrantes vuelvan a sus propios países.

El lema del periódico turco „hürryiet“ es “türkiye türklerindir”, lo que significa “Turquía para los turcos”. ¿Turquía para los turcos? ¡Por supuesto! ¡Pero para todos los turcos! ¡También para aquellos que actualmente están aquí! ¡Idos a casa! ¡Y ayuda social para turcos solamente desde Turquía!

12. August 2012

An alle Europäer – To all Europeans – A todos los europeos – À tous les européens

Goldman Sachs receives money from European taxpayers

An alle Europäer

 Von As der Schwerter aus Deutschland

 (scroll down for versions in English/español/français/portugues/svenska)

 Merkel vertritt nicht Deutschland, sondern die Banken. Alle europäischen Politiker vertreten die Banken, d.h. die internationale Hochfinanz.

Der €uro ist nicht in der Krise, der €uro ist ein Werkzeug der Banken, um das Volksvermögen aus Europa zu saugen. Der €uro funktioniert planmäßig im Sinne seiner Erfinder: Der €uro und die EU sollen die einzelnen Nationalstaaten mit all ihren Werten zerstören.

Spanien verarmt, und die Medien erzählen den Spaniern, die Deutschen hätten ihr Geld.

 Deutschland verarmt, und die Medien erzählen den Deutschen, die Spanier hätten ihr Geld. Usw. usf. …

Wo aber ist das Geld wirklich? Das ist nicht schwer, es wird sogar offen gesagt: Banken müssen “gerettet werden”.

Informieren Sie sich, wie hoch der Anteil der Zinsen in ihrem Staatshaushalt ist. Banken schaffen Geld aus dem Nichts und verleihen es gegen Zins an Nationen. Deren Steuerzahler müssen die Zinsen aufbringen.

So wird der Wohlstand Spaniens vernichtet und ebenso der Wohlstand Deutschlands. So geht es allen Ländern mit Zentralbank.

Informieren Sie sich über das Geldsystem anhand des Dollars (sehen Sie sich Money as debt und The American dream an). Der €uro hat denselben Zweck wie der Dollar.

Es ist ein gigantischer Raubzug.

Diejenigen, die ALLE unsere Länder ausrauben, belügen uns, indem sie behaupten, wir würden das gegenseitig tun.

Lassen Sie nicht zu, dass die Räuber mit dem Trick “Teile und Herrsche” aus der Schusslinie bleiben.

Wir sind Europäer. Wenn wir zusammenhalten, sind wir eine Macht. Getrennt sind wir nichts als Sklaven der Banken.

Verbreiten Sie diese Information!


The bankster Josef Ackermann has a decisive influence on Angela Merkel

To all Europeans

By Ace of Swords, Germany

Merkel does not represent Germany but the banks. All European politicians represent the banks, i.e. the international high finance.

 There is no €uro crisis, the €uro is a tool used by the banks to suck off the wealth of the nations of Europe. The €uro works out perfectly according to the plan of its inventors.

Spain, Greece, etc. sink into poverty, and the media tell the Spanish, Greeks, etc., their money is taken by the Germans.

 Germany sinks into poverty, and the media tell the Germans their money is taken by the Spanish, the Greeks, etc.

 But where is the money actually? That’s not hard to find out, it is even stated openly: Banks must be “rescued”.

 Look up the amount of interest in your country’s national budget. Banks create money out of thin air and lend it to nations at interest. The country’s taxpayers are to shoulder the interest.

 Thus the wealth of Spain is destroyed and the wealth of Germany accordingly. That’s the fate of all countries with a central bank.

 Inform yourself about the money system on the basis of the Dollar (watch the videos Money as Debt und The American Dream ). The €uro serves the same purpose as the Dollar.

It is a gigantic heist.

Those who rob ALL our countries lie to us claiming we would rob each other.

Don’t let the robbers step out of the line of fire by using the trick “Divide and conquer”.

We are Europeans. Together we are a power. Divided we are nothing but the banks’ slaves.

Share this information!


 A todos los europeos

 De As der Schwerter, Alemania

 Merkel no representa a Alemania, sino a los bancos. Todos los políticos europeos representan a los bancos, quiere decir, a las altas finanzas internacionales.

 No hay una “crisis del €uro”; el €uro es un instrumento de los bancos para robar el patrimonio nacional de los países europeos. El €uro funciona como sus inventores lo habían previsto.

 El €uro y la UE tienen por objetivo la destrucción de los estados nacionales y de sus valores.

 España empobrece y los medios cuentan a los españoles que es la culpa de los alemanes.

 Alemania empobrece y y los medios cuentan a los alemanes que es la culpa de los españoles.

 ¿Pero adónde va el dinero? No es difícil, hasta lo admiten abiertamente: hay que “rescatar” a los bancos.

 Infórmese acerca de la parte de los intereses en el presupuesto nacional de su país. Los bancos crean dinero de la nada y lo prestan a las naciones por intereses. Los ciudadanos tienen que pagar los intereses con sus impuestos.

 De tal manera se destruye el patrimonio de España, de Alemania y de todos los países con un banco central.

 Infórmese sobre el sistema monetario a base del ejemplo del Dollar (mire Money as debt y The American dream). El €uro funciona como del Dollar.

 ¡Es un robo gigantesco!

 Quienes nos empobrecen además nos engañan, contándo al uno que es la culpa del otro.

 No admita que los ladrones se salven con el truco de “divide et impera”.

 Somos todos europeos. Unidos, somos poderosos. Separados, no somos más que los esclavos de los bancos.

 ¡Reparta esta información!


À tous les européens

Par As der Schwerter, Allemagne

 Merkel ne représente pas les allemands, mais bien les banquiers. Tous les hommes politiques de l’Europe représentent les banques, c’est-à-dire la haute finance internationale.

 Il n’y a pas une « crise de l’€uro » ; l’€uro est un instrument des banques pour  s’approprier le patrimoine national des pays de l’Europe. L’€uro fonctionne comme prévu par ses inventeurs.

 L’€uro et l’UE ont pour but la destruction des nations et de leurs valeurs.

 Les pays du sud de l’Europe s’appauvrissent et les médias disent aux peuples que leur argent se trouve en Allemagne.

 L’Allemagne s’appauvrit et les médias disent au peuple que son argent se trouve dans les pays du sud, etc.

 Mais où se trouve l’argent en réalité ? La réponse n’est pas difficile, on la donne même ouvertement : Il faut « sauver » les banques.

Informez-vous sur l’importance des intérêts dans le budget de l’État. Les banques créent de l’argent à base de rien et acquièrent des droits sur les nations qui s’endettent. Les contribuables doivent porter le poids des dettes.

 De cette façon se détruit le patrimoine français, le patrimoine allemand et le patrimoine de tous les pays avec une banque centrale.

Renseignez-vous sur le système monétaire à base du Dollar (regardez Money as debt et The American dream). L’€uro n’est pas différent du Dollar.

 Il s’agit d’une entreprise criminelle gigantesque !

Ceux qui volent l’argent de tous les européens nous dupent en plus en disant à l’un que c’est la faute de l’autre. Ne permettez pas que les voleurs se cachent grâce à la stratégie du « divide et impera » (diviser pour mieux régner).

Nous sommes tous des européens. Ensemble, nous sommes forts. Seuls, nous ne sommes que les esclaves des banques.

 Diffusez ces informations !



Tradução do texto para o português: Imediata

A todos os europeus!

A Merkel não representa a Alemanha, mas os bancos. Todos os políticos europeus representam os bancos, ou seja, as altas finanças internacionais.

Não há uma crise do €uro, o €uro é um instrumento dos bancos para roubar o patrimônio nacional dos países europeus. O €uro funciona de acordo com o plano que os seus inventores tinham previsto.

A Espanha, a Grécia, etc… despencam na pobreza, e a mídia diz que a culpa é dos alemães.

A Alemanha despenca na pobreza e a mídia conta que a culpa é dos espanhóis, dos gregos, etc…

Mas onde está o dinheiro, na realidade? Não é difícil saber, até o dizem abertamente: Os Bancos precisam ser “resgatados”.

Informem-se sobre a parte que os juros ocupam no orçamento nacional de seu país. Os bancos criam dinheiro do nada e o emprestam às nações cobrando por isso taxas de juros.

Dessa forma, destrói-se o patrimônio da Espanha, da Alemanha e de todos os demais países com um banco central.

Informem-se sobre o sistema monetário com base no exemplo do dólar (vendo vídeos como Money as Debt e The American Dream postados abaixo). O €uro funciona e serve o mesmo propósito que o dólar.

É um roubo gigantesco!

Aqueles que roubam TODOS os nossos países nos mentem, alegando que estamos nos roubando uns aos outros.

Não permitam que os ladrões se salvem com o truque do “Divide e Impera”.

Somos todos europeus. Unidos somos poderosos, separados não somos mais que escravos dos bancos!

Divulgue esta informação!


Till alla européer

Merkel representerar inte Tyskland utan bankerna. Alla europeiska politiker representerar bankerna, dvs den internationella storfinansen.

Det finns ingen €uro-kris. €uron ett verktyg som används av bankerna för att suga ut välståndet ur Europas nationer. €uron fungerar perfekt enligt planen för dess uppfinnare.

Spanien, Grekland, etc. sjunker ner i fattigdom och media berättar för spaniorerna, grekerna osv att deras pengar tas av tyskarna.

Tyskland sjunker in i fattigdom, och media talar om för tyskarna att pengarna tas av Spanien, Grekland etc.

Men var är pengarna egentligen? Det är inte svårt att lista ut, när det ännu sägs öppet: Banker måste “räddas”.

Kolla upp räntan i landets nationella budget. Banker skapar pengar ur tomma intet och lånar ut dem med ränta till länder. Landets skattebetalare axlar intresset.

Således förstörs rikedomen för Spanien, och Tysklands rikedom därefter. Det är ödet för alla länder med en centralbank.

Informera dig om det dollar-baserade pengasystemet (se filmerna Money as debt och The American dream). €uron tjänar samma syfte som dollarn.

Det är en gigantisk blåsning.

De som rånar ALLA våra länder ljuger för oss och hävdar att vi skulle råna varandra.

Låt inte rånarna komma ur skottlinjen genom att använda tricket “söndra och härska”.

Vi är européer. Tillsammans är vi en kraft. Delade är vi ingenting, förutom bankernas slavar.

Dela med dig av denna information!

26. Januar 2012

From Counterjihad to Ace of Swords: Why „As der Schwerter“?

by Deep Roots.

After Tanstaafl’s post Fjordman Fallout has drawn the attention of readers from the Anglosphere to our blog it is appropriate to provide some explanation to those readers about the origins, development and goals of „As der Schwerter“.

This is not an “esoteric” blog, as some might think because of our symbolic use of the Rider-Waite Tarot cards since the renaming of the blog. It was originally started by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage, who runs the blogs Korrektheiten (in German) and German Views (in English), as an archive for translations of Fjordman’s essays (hence the original name „Counterjihad – Fjordman auf Deutsch“ and the original URL). As Manfred couldn’t dedicate as much time for the new blog as he had hoped, it was mostly myself and my comrades „Thatcher“ (who goes now by the name of „Schattenkoenig“) and „Before Dawn“ (who left our team in 2011) who did the translations and administered the blog.

Initially we translated lots of further essays by Fjordman, mostly from Gates of Vienna and The Brussels Journal. But as we delved deeper and deeper into the issues of Islamization, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and Globalism we took a similar path like that of Tanstaafl, who in his post Committing PC’s Most Mortal Sin wrote:

I started blogging a little over two years ago with only a vague awareness and revulsion at politically correct dogma and a mild curiousity about its origins and rationale. What I have discovered, slowly, is shocking, and it only gets more shocking with each day’s news.

It began with the recognition that the West’s education and mainstream media are biased and has progressed to the understanding that they are in fact engaged in mass brainwashing, an indoctrination with PC dogma under the cover of deliberately inverted language such as “free thought” and “fairness”.

It began with the recognition that this PC dogma interferes with the West’s ability to recognize and properly defend itself from the threat of Islamic jihad and has progressed to the understanding that it denies the even larger threat posed by the immigration invasion, which is flooding the West with impoverished, uneducated, dangerous people, including Muslims.

It began with the recognition that PC dogma is something believed and propagated by moonbats and progressed to the sad realization that elements of the Right, supposed conservatives, specifically the neocons, are working in concert with the Left in an unholy union called either Globalism or Universalism.

It began with an assumption that Jews are white, civilized, and on my side, and has progressed to the tragic and most un-PC of all conclusions that they are indeed my enemy, because their collective words and deeds are destroying my past, present, and future.

We began reading sites like Age of Treason, Counter-Currents Publishing/North American New Right, Fair and Delightsome, Kevin Alfred Strom, Mangan’s Adventures in Reaction, Taki’s Magazine, The Occidental Observer, The Occidental Quarterly, The West’s Darkest Hour, and VDARE, and we did more and more translations of their articles. We became more and more racially aware and jew-wise, and as this was not Manfred’s agenda and he didn’t want to be identified with it he decided to hand the ownership of the „Counterjihad Blog“ over to me and to leave the project.

He explained this step succinctly in his post Mein Abschied vom “Counterjihad” („My Farewell to the Counterjihad“) at „Korrektheiten“, which I have translated here for you:

Those who have been reading here for a while will probably remember that late in 2008 I started the blog „Counterjihad“, where I initially posted translations of articles by the Norwegian essayist Fjordman. I had hoped then that I would find time enough to translate further important articles from the English-speaking blogosphere and to publish them there.

Alas, it didn’t come off; I didn’t have this time, and so the „Counterjihad“ probably would have gently passed away were it not for others who had taken care of it, e. g. Thatcher, Kairos and Before Dawn. But especially Deep Roots with his great commitment and the proverbial diligence of a bee has made the project what it is today, namely a unique platform of information for anybody who is interested in the topics of the anglophone right-wing blogosphere but lacks the time to sift dozens of British and American blogs and who prefers to read in German rather than in English.

As I myself didn’t contribute too much to it I had the guilty conscience of an uncaring mother who leaves her child to be reared by nannies.

This was one reason why I departed from the „Counterjihad“ already a while ago, in an amiable way, and handed the blog over to Deep Roots. The other reason was that the „Counterjihad“ of course strongly bears the style of Deep Roots, to whom other issues are important than to myself:

Deep Roots has largely expanded the original core issue of „criticism of Islam“ to other issues, e. g. racial issues. Well, I think it’s completely legitimate to address such issues, particularly if it’s done on such a high level as the Counterjihad mostly does; I reject the old-maidish, timid way such issues are addressed – and above all: not addressed – in Germany, and whatever one thinks of America and the Americans: What Freedom of Speech can mean one can learn in America’s blogosphere at any rate more easier than in the local one, which toddles around in a narrow playpen with taboos for walls.

Nevertheless those issues are not my issues. Especially the frequency and harshness with which the Counterjihad criticizes Judaism and Jewry is inappropriate from my point of view. I do think that it should be possible to express this criticism, and I am far from condemning it morally as something „evil“. But I just do not share it, I cannot identify myself with it, and above all I do not want to be identified with it.

The „Counterjihad“ has been renamed now in „As der Schwerter“ to signify this shift in focus. For me this is the occasion to publicly declare that I have not been responsible for the content of the blog for quite a while.

This is not a renouncement, it’s just the clarification that the chick „Counterjihad“, now „As der Schwerter“, has spread its wings long ago and flies where it wants. I wish good luck and success, and don’t lose your way!

Yes, that’s true; we parted in friendship, Manfred still comments at „As der Schwerter“ now and then, and we keep linking to especially interesting posts at „Korrektheiten“.

On May 1st, 2011, after Kairos had joined the team, we renamed the blog in „As der Schwerter“ („Ace of Swords“). Let me explain the symbolism of the „swords“ as we use it:

Most of us started as readers and fans of the now defunct blog „Acht der Schwerter“ („Eight of Swords“), whose owner „Eisvogel“ („Kingfisher“), a female blogger from West Germany, had translated a lot of the Fjordman essays that were later used to start the „Counterjihad blog“. For us this was the first door on our way out of a system of sick lies, and Eisvogel, who has retreated from blogging several years ago, had a unique way of interpreting the cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot, totally outside of any “esoteric”, „classic“ or „official“ interpretation:

The woman in the „Eight of Swords“, she explained, represents Europe; she’s been tied up by the European Union, the blindfold represents Political Correctness, the castle in the background is our European heritage, and the swords represent Islam. (Add. Deep Roots: To make this symbolism complete she’d also have to be gagged.)

The Rider-Waite Tarot offers outlooks for the future, the first of which is presented by the Nine of Swords:

The man in the Nine of Swords is the future Europe that Eisvogel had wished for. He wakes up from deep slumber, he is neither tied up nor blindfolded, and all he has to do is to take his hands from his face to see the swords on the wall. His gender represents a Europe turning to manly values again instead of smugly persisting in „female values“.

But there is a second option for the future: „If we fail to follow the path that lies beyond the Nine of Swords we’ll inevitably get the Ten of Swords.“

After we had realized that the „Counterhijad“ is but one frontier in our greater, broader struggle for the continued existence of our white nations, and that the Muslims’ stealthy immigration jihad is but a secondary infection after we had been weakened by an AIDS infection that ultimately also originated in the Middle East, we decided to give our blog a new, more appropriate name: „As der Schwerter“ („Ace of Swords“):

The „Ace of Swords“ is a new and more comprehensive symbol for our struggle against our enemies. There’s a very appropriate „official“ interpretation in the Rider-Waite Tarot:

This card indicates decisive ability and cutting through confusion, taking a radical decision or standpoint and the ability to see through deception, and expose it.“

 As Guilleaume Faye wrote in Mars & Hephaestus: The Return of History,

„the twenty-first century will be a century of iron and storms. It will not resemble those harmonious futures predicted up to the 1970s. [….] It will be a century of competing peoples and ethnic identities. [….] The beginning of the twenty-first century will be the despairing midnight of the world of which Hölderlin spoke. But it is always darkest before the dawn. [….] When one defends one’s people, i. e. one’s own children, one defends the essential. Then one follows the rule of Agamemnon and Leonidas but also of Charles Martel: what prevails is the law of the sword, whose bronze or steel reflects the glare of the sun. The tree, the rocket, the sword: three vertical symbols thrust from the ground towards the light, from the Earth to the Sun, animated by sap, fire, and blood.“

In that sense the sword is a very fitting symbol for the spirit that shall inspire us in our future struggles.

After this new beginning  we countinued our work, soon supported by Osimandia, who joined the team a few months later. We are now five people from Austria (myself) and Germany (Kairos, Osimandia, Sternbald and Schattenkoenig), supported occasionally by guest contributors „nino“ from Switzerland and „Jörn Uhl“ from Germany. Apart from translating articles we also write posts of our own, dealing with various topics from history to crisis preparedness to MSM propaganda. Examples for the latter can be found in our series Star Dreck, where we analyze the propaganda dreck delivered to us by means of TV and movie stars.

Due to our even stronger emphasis on racial issues and criticism of Judaism we translated less and less of Fjordman’s articles, though we still considered him a well-meaning ally. We had no idea then that he was part Jewish (a fact that didn’t become publicly known before the aftermath of the Breivik case). In fact he had expressed some cautious critique of the Jews’ role in our predicament in some of his comments at Mangan’s early in 2011, e. g. in „How the Israel Lobby pushed the Iraq War“- -, where he even posted a link to  “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon!” by Joel Stein in the LA Times. At this time he very rarely wrote for „Gates of Vienna“, so I thought that maybe he had seen Chechar’s lightning too and just didn’t dare to voice such opinions under the watchful eyes of Baron Bodissey and Dymphna. Maybe, so I thought, he didn’t dare to come out of the closet as an „Anti-Semite“ because he had met some Jewish luminaries at various „Counterjihad summits“ who might inform Muslim extremists or the Norwegian authorities about his true identity. Boy, were I off base!

Two weeks ago we were told in the name of Fjordman that he wouldn’t tolerate the use of his name for purposes he does not endorse, and that he demanded us to change the blog’s URL as to not contain the name „Fjordman“. We then worked out a way to simply change the URL, but the consequence of this would have been that a lot of links in a book published by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage („Fjordman: Europa verteidigen“) would have been invalid.

We eventually managed to solve this problem too, and quicker than we had hoped for, and thus „As der Schwerter“ got a new URL while the old „fjordman“ URL was reused to create an archive exclusively for the Fjordman translations we have completed up till now. The name: “Fjordman auf Deutsch”.

I must say, though, that we were very disappointed and angered by the rude way Fjordman and the people around him handled this issue – and this after all we’ve contributed to spread Fjordman’s work and after we have defended him several times in the past! Therefore we have decided to translate no more of Fjordman’s essays.

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